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What is Energytix?

Energytix is a web-based IT-platform, driven by A.I., which allows you as end user to obtain a more profound insight into your energy profile on the one hand and your ecological footprint on the other. Using the information it continuously collects, the Energytix platform will help you to optimize your energy profile, minimalize your ecological footprint and, last but not least, maximize your carbon neutrality.

Windmolens op een berg


Energytix is based on a monthly subscription model. By using such an easily accessible subscription entry we want to give all end users the opportunity to benefit from our continuous innovations.

Future oriented

It is an unmistakable fact that our Energytix platform is future proof and future oriented. Indeed, what we want is to simplify the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources by using artificial intelligence to manage all the green energy that our members have produced.


As previously mentioned we would like to erase the complexity out of the energy market for you. That is why we will take the administrative tasks upon ourselves and you will always be able to reach out to us if you have any questions or remarks. We don’t only work for you, we also want to work with you.


The Energytix platform’s main purpose is to use advanced intelligent technologies, in a socially responsible manner, that will enable the optimization of energy profiles and consequently maximize carbon neutrality on a large scale. We want to offer you a platform that eliminates the complexity out of the energy market (demand and supply).

Who is it for?

Everyone can become a customer on the Energytix platform. However, we can distinguish 5 main groups in our target audience:


Do you want to contribute to the reduction of CO2 as well or do you want more information? Fill in your personal data and we’ll contact you.



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